Acceptance is the KEY

Hi This is Santosh,
One fine day some one told me to accept as I’m. No matter what will happen after that.
Just accept it. You know its a very different advice some one given me knowing that I’m a Stammerer.
I took it as a blessings & start accepting it.To my mates, to my elders, to my sub ordinates.
I feel relaxed when I start accepting it. Because being a stammerer from the age of 8 or 9?????,I don’t know… Always I tried to not to show it. And in the mean time ‘I keep on stammering ….
But when I started accepting , clouds just melted away..Let me share my own experience..

On 22nd of Dec, I was having appraisal in Mumbai & that too in front of Vice President of my Company. Always We have a review every month, & being an Area Service Head , I have to present my self with loads of data & actions. Each time I stammer in front of hand full people coming from each area & in front of my VP. Each time I try NOT to stammer but I could not help. Each time I saw from the corner of my eyes that everybody was looking at me as if they already knew that I’m going to stammer.
That day one new joinee came as an Area Manager of different area to have a look as to how was the working of company. I introduced my self. He also did the same thing. After some talk, I just thougt “He must have noticed that I’m stammerer; what if I accept?”
At that point of time I just told him, that some time I do stammer. If you can not understand me, please ask me to repeat. I ‘ll repeat it for you…
I waited for his answer.He told me- not at all. You are speaking perfectly all right.
And then He SPEAKS…….
He told me that he also was a stammerer but not now……. I felt so good after I accept.
He told me from the age of 5 , he started stammering and being in ‘sales’, he always stammered but not any more. I asked him how did you cure your self?
He told me: We stammerer are always thinking very rapidly, very fast. We want to convey our message very fast. And that is why,Our thoughts & speech can not resonate with each other.
He told me You have to slow down your thought process slowly, deliberately. And speak in sync with your thought process. No matter how much slow you are, Just be yourself.
This is some thing very new to me.
I tried it in my appraisal & you know what ? It worked !!!!!!!!!!!
I got second highest marks in my appraisal.
If I had not accepted it, I would not get such valuable, in fact price less, advice from someone who at one stage of his life had stammered.

So Dear, accept , who knows You will meet some one who can give you a ray of Hope….


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  1. admin 10 years ago

    Great Post Santosh!!! I am so happy that you wrote about this incidence and shared it with others…. This will help many others and will tell everybody the importance of acceptance…. Your title is absolutely correct : "ACCEPTANCE IS THE KEY!!"

  2. Sachin 10 years ago

    Yes, when we accept the fact that we sometime stammer- mind becomes free and we communicate better. Our thoughts slow down, since we are not hiding anything; we are not resisting anything..
    Yes, it works.
    Keep sharing such inspiring incidents..

  3. kishore 10 years ago

    Kudos to Mr Santosh. thanks for furnishing this writeup which is something very concrete and practical on Acceptance.

    I myself inform the listener upfront about my stammering, and really it make the situation calmer

  4. admin 10 years ago

    Yes.He is right. If we think slowly, we will also speak slowly.


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