Goa SHG : The Marathon Continues …

What’s going on in Goa SHG? Well, the marathon continues. With the aid of social networking and internet, I am trying to reach people, and spread the idea of SHG. I had come across a number of PWS in 2000, while attending the workshop conducted by one Mr. P, who runs a Stammering Cure centre in Bangalore. I searched them on orkut and got them and conveyed my idea. They all said it was a great idea. But when it came to joining hands, they were mum. But I am sure the silence will end very soon.

While interacting with PWS on internet, I found Santosh. He has his origins in Maharashtra, but works in Goa. We got in touch by phone. We had a number of conversations on phone. We discussed everything about stammering, and how we dealt with it. He told me how it started with him, how some of the incidents hurt him in childhood, and how he feels about stammering now. I too reciprocated with my thoughts and experiences. And we discovered that all PWS have same problems, and same things to deal with. It was like a feeling of meeting a Human Being when you are lost on another planet inhibited by strange aliens! Santosh has a firm belief that stammering can be controlled. And strongly believes that all PWS are successful, because they are hard-workers!! Nice thoughts aren’t they?

Then there is another young man with whom I had a head-to-head meeting. He’s pursuing his engineering, and is very ambitious, determined and aspires to be an IAS officer. And to achieve that goal, he wants to get rid of stammering, by the time he gets there. Surprisingly, most of the time I was getting started to tell him something, he knew my thoughts already. That’s because he had read all my posts in the stammering communities. He said he keeps on searching about stammering on the internet. He has kept a goal for him, and that is to combat stammering. I was very much impressed by the determination of this guy.

He asked me how I cured myself. I said I still stammer. And he nodded in agreement. I told him that there is no perfect cure for stammering, but it can be managed upto 99%. I explained him the scientific causes behind stammering (as explained by BSA) and asked him to refer the TISA site for more details. I also told him about various techniques given on TISA site, and also briefed him about breathing exercises and meditation. I also told him about my various conversations with Dr. Sachin, Jai Prakash and Manpreet. I also gave him links to various articles and ocean of knowledge available on TISA site.

With this, I am of the opinion now that SHG need not necessarily be meeting at one place only. Of course meeting at one place helps a lot with our social and talking skills. But till that thing happens, if we can be a group united with a single cause, and as long as we all benefit each other, the SHG cause is fulfilled.

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

3 thoughts on “Goa SHG : The Marathon Continues …


    (December 29, 2009 - 4:18 am)

    I agree with you. Our SHGs are bound to be influenced by our life style and the time we live in. SHG based on phone, internet etc. are not only valid but a need too of the present times, when physical distances pose special problems.
    I think the bottom line is- a living human being (not a recorded message) should be available to counsel a young PWS, should she or he make up her/his mind to come out of their self-imposed isolation and seek help.
    Yes, online SHGs are fine, provided we meet face to face once in a while- because that is when 'action' begins for most of us- and we must learn to be comfortable in physical presence of other people, sooner or later.


    (December 29, 2009 - 8:08 am)

    Mr. Harish i appreciate your effort directing toward keeping a SHG alive through various medium. i am sure sooner or later you would find some companions to let your goa SHG running. i wish you better luck and success.


    (December 29, 2009 - 5:48 pm)

    Absolutely… Face to face meetings are indeed necessary and it is very much important and are an integral part of SHG. I am not ruling them out. I just wanted to highlight the effectiveness of SHGs through other media, till the time the actual physical meetings take place.

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