Hi, Folks first of all a happy and prosperous New year to all.

This is Kishore Bisht reporting form Central Park, C.P, New Delhi Where on 3/01/2010 (Sunday) we had our weekly SHG meeting. it was chilly winter morning and weather was densely fogy, no sign of sunlight till 10 a.m. These were the following PWS who attended the meeting.

1. Nitin
2. Deepak
3. Anil
4. Anuj
5. Arun
6. Sam
7. Kishore

I reached on the spot at sharp 10 O’Clock. after Mr Anil Joined me, I was stammering so badly that it takes me too long to introduced myself. We exchanged few breathing exercises that I had been practicing in past only during compulsion. I found Mr Anil completely fluent with his speech. It was his first SHG meeting, he works with a Japanies MNC as a manager his company is based in Faridabad and came to join our SHG meeting. Deepak and Nitin Sir joined us after 1 hr, we greeted each other’s and hunted for a place we zeroed on a place and took our position, a few minutes later Anuj, Arun and Sam joined the group.

Hitherto our group was doing some general talking like Anuj came with an SHG Activity manual and all member were shouting their opinions. I jumped into and suggest the group to formailse the discussion, so that everybody get a fair share of time to speak, group took heed of my advice and decided to take extempore of every member. the activity was stared with me, I spoke about my recent 3 days expeditious visit to dehradun, Nitin Sir spoke on a rucksack laying aside, and on how to help a road accident victim on special request of Anuj. Deepak sir answered to various questions that members asked on banking sector, Anil sir spoke on some Automobile funda similarly others mmbrs follows the suit.

As Arun is helped impressively with bouncing technique that he was following dedicatedly and rigorously for last three weeks, Nitin sir Shoot a video of his explaining how he got a miraculous breakthrough in his speech.

As the weather was extremely freeze and it also started raining, everybody could feel the pinching cold. we decided to take off a little time and went to a nearby kiosk. we took tea and coffee, done some photo snapping and spoke with passerby like enquiring for location.

We came back to our landmark location and continued our meeting. Now we started a new activity where every member was standing a distance apart from one another, everybody had to recitate a movie story with a loud and clear voice (without struggling with thyself speech). When we had done with this task too. Nitin sir informed us about the Keith Boss visit to India and his forthcoming Conference on 13-14 Feb in Delhi. He urges each member to chip in with some monitory help for rising fund for this Conference.

Now it was 2 O’clock and we had utilized these 4 hours which we otherwise end up sleeping at home. We wind up the meeting and decided to rotate the responsibility on every member by fixing new coordinator for each new meetings, therefore for next meeting Anil Sir is the coordinator.

(TISA welcomes the two new members- Anil and Sam to the Family! and wish them a very happy new year! )

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    (January 4, 2010 - 9:22 am)

    Good job- all of you Delhiites!
    Keep it up.. and keep sharing.


    (January 6, 2010 - 5:48 am)

    thank you sir.
    trying to stride along with you.

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