An Accountant for hire..

P had liked the idea of Mock Interview so much that he arrived again for the next dose of it today. I spoke to the accountant in the nearby institition. She agreed. R, a middle level manager, too joined for the mock interview. So, while they shot very professional questions, I took the camera and recorded P’s facial expressions.
Just before interveiw, I had made him write down his thoughts on a paper. After interview, he did the same exercise and tried to compare his state of mind before and after. Later, we downloaded the clip on my laptop and P reveiwed the whole things more than once.
When you look at yourself talking, you begin to see how your thoughts and state of mind influences your communication, your verbal performance, your expressions etc.
For many of us, PWS, it can be a very emotional (moving) experience, when we watch our recording for the first time. Video reveiw of such formal encounters can be a great therapeutic aid, provided you do an indepth analysis of the video with a good friend.

Post Author: Sachin