10 day workshop – Day 4

Today morning was foggy but we liked our brisk walk.We started meditation before Dr. Sachin joined us.Sachin sir told us about pranayam and we practised it.later he told how to visualise positively (he pointed we visualise us stammering before we speak..why we don’t reverse of it.after having our breakfast,we all did video recording of telphone conversation.During call,we practised bouncing,prolongation & pauses.we did some other exercises like extempore & group discussion.At 11:30 we started to move to guru kripa palace,a place in market.All of us were ready to show the world that how great stammerers we are.We talked to a number of passerby,shopkeepers stammering delibrately & sometime in real.We all tried to pretend stammering one by one.We observed that most of persons were behaving in normal way,as nothing have happened.Then why we try to hide it, if we are able to communicate our message to listner?.We stormed in shops and used techniques(bouncing,pauses & prolongation) and tried also to breathe well before speaking.We enjoyed our lunch at guru kripa complex.We enjoyed giving our best stammer through out the day and be proud of it.At 3:00 pm, we reached Anugrah Intervention Center, to attend the weekly meet of Herbertpur SHG.This was the evening to show our talents. We all enjoyed jokes,puzzle,song etc from our fellows.Dr Sachin played flute that refreshed us. We gave extempore speeches and then analysed it.Dr Sachin also told us about in-block corrections and we practised it.At 5:00 pm,we departed and walked all way to reach our rooms. Again a very interesting and fun filled day 🙂
Niraj Dixit
( Oh yes, we sang following Bollywood song in our regional dialects:
Jab koi baat bigad jaye, jab koi mushkil pad jaye- tum dena saath mera, O ham-nawaj!
It was challenging but we rose to challenge: Aman sang it in Punjabi, Jai in Harianvi (wow!), Raja in Bengali – he sang another Tamil song too, Neeraj sang in a dialect of western UP, Nishu in the Saharanpur dialect, Sachin in Bhojpuri, Kishore in Kumauni.. Oh, it was hilarious and unforgettable.

In the morning, we discussed CALMS approach to understand stammering and its relevance to self-therapy; sachin)


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  1. admin 10 years ago

    "Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye !!!" – that's one of my favourite songs… After reading this post, even i tried to sing it in Konkani 🙂

    Going by it's lyrics – "Jab koi baat bigad jaaye, Jab koi mushkil pad jaye.. Tum dena saath mera.." Looks like this song in a way can become an anthem for SHGs

  2. Sachin 10 years ago

    yes, those lines convey the spirit of SHGs and "self-help" very well..

  3. admin 10 years ago

    very interesting… i wish i could be around when you sang, i love singing 🙂

  4. Hetal 10 years ago

    I am sure after workshop all guys will start journey to become fearless speaker.
    My best wishes for all the Participants :).
    I wish I could be manage to reach there soon.


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