10 Day Workshop – Day 5

We started with our usual daily routine with a nice jog along the canal, shouting out each other’s name sometimes, in the dark.We got back to our rooms and started with meditation followed by yoga and pranayam.After breakfast, we started with a recap of last 4 days and then practised bouncing and prolongation and also tested our listening skills. Then we went through a few case studies and divided our two teams for a presentation on Acceptance. The presentation was video recorded for review.We also watched a motivational video and discussed the story of Jed, a young man suffering from osteogenic sarcoma and his journey from being in a state of rage for losing his leg to a state when he starts helping others. After Lunch we went out to market, to practice our techniques in “real” world.We divided ourselves into two teams and went around the market practising our speech goals with total strangers and shop keepers. We met Dr Sachin at a bakery to review our afternoon session over a cup of coffee. After that each one of us stood right in the middle of a big shopping complex and shouted that I am PWS (person who stammers ) working on my communication and few other thoughts about stammering.Again a very fun filled day that has kept smile on our faces alive!

(References: Case study shared about Jed; the other write up shared and discussed about acceptance was from Russ Hicks contribution to ISAD 09)

Neeraj’s write up on bouncing:
On 2nd day of my workshop, our mentor Dr. Sachin told us about bouncing.In this technique we have to repeat the initial sound of the word deliberately as people who stammer do. e.g. b-b-b-bouncing.I thought this guy is going to spoil my efforts as it will undo all my fluencies which I achieved till now.Beware of it, my mind advised me.After this, I was involved in practising bouncing reluctantly. I tried this bouncing when we went to market on third day.I found a difference.Previously, I used to get strain and tired after talking “fluently”. Now this technique is doing magic for me. I speak and feel relaxed.It flashed in my mind, that the above strain and fatigue develops when a stammerer tries to be fluent and leading to blocks.When, you are strained and not breathing properly, you may fall in trap of stammering. I think, bouncing may save you.It is like releasing pressure from pressure cooker.You may bounce and don’t feel urge to be fluent. You will feel no strain and can breathe. So to keep away your blocks, why don’t you try it? If you face any problem feel free to call Dr. Sachin @ 09412058272

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker