10 Day Workshop – Day6

Reluctant to get up in a chilly cold morning after a long evening ( we had to review our videos till late in the night)…but had to get up..after all this is why we all are here….had a good walk, a refreshing meditation hour with Dr.Sachin. He was familiarising us with visualisation and meditation. After a delisious breakfast we had to leave for Anugrah Intervention Center, where eachone of us had to interview a staff with a set of prepared questions. Through this meetings we had to use all the techniques and also stutter volentarily so that we come over the hatered we have been storing in us for so long. Its also to understand that it does’nt feel all that bad to stammer and still be in control.Another purpose of this interview is also to educate the people with what stammering is and to clarify their doubts. We also had group discussions with non stammerers, When many interesting topics came up for discussions. Already delayed for lunch we had to rush back to SMTA and closely followed the afternoon session. Dr.Sachin showed slides on Motivation and a long discussion on the topic. After all, this is what we would be needing for rest of our lifes and way to find it. We wound up after this for special evening we had planned. The next day is going to be really long…..

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker