10 Day Workshop – Day 8

Long trek the previous day and the climate really cold, we were in no mood for the morning jog excused ourselves and got an extra hour to sleep. We were joined by Mr.Raja Polladi from Hydrabad in the morning. The morning session was basically an wrap up of all the activites that we have been going through since the start of the workshop and in the process we also were able to interact with Raja Polladi and got to know each other. An energiser game and we had a case study about the fun aspect in stammering and how each one of us would relate it to our real life situation. The main aim was to realise that only when one could laugh at his/her own problems, will it be really possible to get over it. In the post lunch session we had watched “Front of the class”, a movie about a young man chasing his dream with his Toruette Syndrome. A very touching and inspiring movie. We could easily relate to the movie with our lives and what every stammers go through in following their dreams. Evening, had a walk to the marke,t hot jammuns , halwa and talking to stangers along the way.

Raja Bhattacharjee

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker