10 Day Workshop – Day 7

We woke up early in the morning anticipating what the day has in store for us today. We spent the previous night dreaming about our today activities which was going to be completely different from the activities we have been doing so far. We started the day with a cup of tea, packed our lunch and water bottles for an expeditious mountain trecking. We had to prepared ourselves mentally and physically before initiating our journey. When we were leaving, it started dizzling. We were confused what to do now, but we decided to continue our journey.Our vehice dropped us in Langha village, which is the start point of our trek to Bhadraj temple.The weather was cold and windy. The upward journey was a test to our endurance and strength. It was a steep climb all the way along a rockey and slipper track.We did’t realise and we had trecked for almost 3 hours and had reached the half way mark. The weather had worsten and it started raining quite heavily.We all were wet and it was frezzing up there with a strong and chilly wind. Somehow we managed to find a shelter where we could rest for a while and also have our lunch.We had a review of the weather and decided that it won’t be advisible to go any further and hence we decided to turn back to the base camp. As we got out of the shelter to retun back, it was frezzing cold outside and we could see it had started snowing on the other side of the peak.We complimented each other for the correct decision we had taken about returning back. The view from that place was really amazing and we shot some pictures and started to walk down the mountain. We reached back in two hours, with hot momos and delicious tea along our way back to the SMTA. We visited a young boy who stammers just to make him believe that with his stammering he can still make it big in life. We had a presentation by Jai Prakash (J.P.) in the evening on setting up a SHG, challanges and a case study.In the evening we bid adieu to Neeraj.

Kishore Bisht


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  1. admin 10 years ago

    Sachin sir is looking a cowboy in the first pic 🙂

  2. Sachin 10 years ago

    If you herd too many cows up a slippery mountain, you end up looking like a 'cowboy'..!!

  3. admin 10 years ago



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