10 Day Workshop – Day 10

Morning jog, yoga, meditation as usual and a delicious break fast is how we started the day today. We were joined by Sumit from dehradun the previous evening, who was here to attend the 3 day workshop for children who stammer. We had to go to Lehman hospital, where we had to meet the out patients waiting there. We broke up into two teams one monitered by
Dr.Sachin and other by JP. We took turns and talked to them and were able to educate them about stammering and also know their views. It was a great experience when we had to approach complete strangers and tell them about our stammering. We then also made a short speech in front of the group that had gathered, shouting out the reason we were there for. This exercise of meeting people one to one and then addressing a group, was indeed a great experince of facing our fear and getting over it. Then we went to Asan Bairaj , a lake were we went for boating and had spent some time chatting. When we returened to SMTA, being the last day of the workshop, each one of us had to give a presentation on thier understanding of the learnings from the workshop. Then we all left for the evening wishing every one good luck and with a promise to carry on the activities to help others in their respective cities and there by help ourselves.

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

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    (January 17, 2010 - 1:27 pm)

    Wow- great summary of a great day. Of course I cant do anything about my looks (just like my speech!).

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