Bangalore SHG meeting on 17-Jan-2010

Written by: Tanoy Battacharjee
It was a cold morning with cold breeze blowing in all direction. Sudheendran picked me up @ 9.30 and we reached Cubbon park by 10. Amith soon joined us and there were no more members.

In this meeting we discussed about our profession, about what we do and about opting for a change in job since the market is on rise. It was more of causal discussion but it had to be done using technique. Initially, I struggled, but soon with Sudheendran’s and Amith’s guidance I was able to speak fluently.

Then, we all did newspaper reading and dispersed by 12.15pm.
It was a fruitful meeting as we talked in real scenario without doing any story building stuff or Q-A sessions as they are more of artificial one.

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker