Pune SHG: the journey continues…

Hi All,

we had a meet again yesterday with around eight people attending, all of them old faces with fresh vigor. we exchanged the pleasantries at the outset and sat down for the session. started of with some physical and relaxation methods including meditation. Then we had a slow reading session, where each one us had read the speech manual obtained from Dr. PB, Bangalore. i should confess here that the points made in that book made a whole lot of sense. there were symbols indicating the pauses in a sentence. we had two of us who already had been through the therapy sessions at bangalore and they shared their vast experience with rest of the group. Pravin D advised Suraj on how to practice the prolongation technique. I was all ears when he spoke because he himself was following the techniques religiously. I get strongly influenced and impressed by people who walk their talk.

In the slow reading process, initially i was very shaky and got stuck up at one “whenever” word. a sudden rush of blood through the veins made things worse. i got a hold of the situation after a while and thereafter spoke with ease and authority. Initial shame and embarrassment gave way to a sense of contentment and satisfaction. that is how it is supposed to be anyway. hindi film songs have always been an inspiration for me to lead life. “girna nahi hai, gir kar sambhalna hi hai zindagi” and “zindagi ki yahi reet hai, haar ke baaad hi jeet hai” epitomizes the intent i am talking about.

Later in the evening, we had a mock interview round where in each one of us is supposed to sit in front of the panel (ie. we audience) and introduce himself. and later allow us to grill him. i guess each one of had thoroughly enjoyed this round. some of us had butterflies in their stomach, some were at ease with themselves. we also have a bunch of fresh graduates (about to graduate) who will sooner or later join the corporate bandwagon. The corporate veterans (including me, sorry to brag) gave some very valuable tips on how to go about the interview process. what to say and what not to. how to highlight your positive traits and present your negative traits in a way that is acceptable to the panel, so on and so forth.

After the meet, i returned straight to my house with lots of positive vibes. Later in the evening, witnessed a solid drubbing of sunderland at the hands of chelsea (7-2) in the Barclays premier league. I relished a heart wrenching episode of “Jailed Abroad” on NGC, that was all about how Afghan pathaans do whatever they could to take good care of their guests.

later that night, i slept with a content smile of my face 🙂

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    (January 18, 2010 - 12:14 pm)

    Great post, Manohar. JP would be jining you all soon to share more ideas on self help..

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