Swapnil Asnodkar

Harish from Goa has sent following links of video clips of an interview of Swapnil Asnodkar.
In Stuttering modification approach, we try to stammer easily, effortlessly, without struggle- instead of trying to STOP stammering (many therapies try this and fail sooner or later). While trying to learn this practically- we have to catalogue our entire stuttering behaviour; become aware of secondary behaviours and give them up slowly and steadily. We also have to bring in attitudinal (cognitive, affective) changes inside about – our identity as a PWS, about communication, about others etc. Gradually a point comes- when we are able to talk with a gentle bounce, good body language and better communication skills over all. Our speech is no more characterised by sudden stop & start, back tracking, revising, paraphrasing, repeating etc. Our speech moves forward with a gentle bounce here and comfortable pause there.. ever onward! If you want to see what it would mean in practice, see the above two interviews.
Bravo Swapnil- keep batting and keep talking!!

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