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Vitiligo is a harmless white patch on skin- but due to poor awareness, society reacts negatively and the person is often subjected to meaningless discrimination. Here is a poem from Mr Arvind Gupta, which says everything, that needs to be said, not just about Vitiligo, but all other superficial differences in our looks and functions..

On World Vitiligo Day I have something to say

Arvind Gupta

In God’s good world, no jokes There are simply all kinds of folks Some are fair, some are brown Some are poor, some wear a crown But a few, in a hundred just two Have on their skin May be the chin Or on their shin A patch of white Like a dappled light Light! Did you say Light! The patch looks lovely bright

But for many This patch of light Is not a good sight Mother’s freeze! Father’s trapeze!! What sin’s we did To deserve such a kid

The first reaction Is to hide and cover Let not anyone discover! Don’t show your charms Cover your arms Wear long sleeves In the sultry heat

Difficulties count Anxieties mount All specialists fail Tall claims derail! Then everyone is set On the Internet Where Quacks loot They need the boot!

Soon the white patch Grows and spreads The sun makes it A little red But touch it, tickle it, Lick it, twitch it, It feels like any other Patch of skin A little faded perhaps Otherwise all akin.

The story begins now For we must question how A white patch on the face A bit of skin on the surface Can become so sore And affect the core! How can it traumatize? How can it paralyze?

HIV and AIDS Let us face Are threatening To wipe out The human race But how can Vitiligo Harmless, not even skin deep Can cause a trauma so deep?

It’s time we spoke the truth And nailed the lie. Vitiligo is not a disease It is just a state where The body’s share Of Melanin Color pigment Grows a little thin. That’s ALL.

People with Vitiligo And God has been kind Have a very healthy body And an equally healthy mind So move AHEAD Learn More, Care More Share Skills, Change Lives

We’ve split the atom But not our prejudice It’s time to celebrate Our differences Celebrate the confluence Of Ying and Yang Of Dark and White The splendid hues of Differences and dignity

Nature hates monocultures Both of the body and the mind You will find this strewn on leaves Most leaves are dark, others pale But a few leaves are both dark and pale These leaves are often overrated Scientists call them variegated.

So if you ever meet A child with a white patch She might be sulking Miserable, in a catch Make her feel great Touch her soul Lift her self-esteem So that she feels liberated And her spirits Can soar.

18 May 2008 arvindguptatoys@gmail.com


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    A really beautiful and motivational poem on self acceptance and accepting others

  2. admin 9 years ago

    wow…a soul-stirring poem !


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