Bangalore SHG meeting on 24-Jan-2010

Write up by Pramod

Just rode through Cubbon park and there was this fine chirping of the leaves on a sunny Sunday! I happened to be the first to the meet. Well I was the first for a very long time and it made me feel a bit unusual! Anxiety just tripped down when I saw Sudheendran jogging his way to the spot. Laughed, cracked joke(s), discussed stuff, time pass, these were some serious things we did till our Karthik the Theater came.

The session went with just three of us but it was fun. This time the items were random and there was usual Karthik’s humor flowing at the end. This time we discussed some issues like our own selves acknowledging the fact that we get laughter at our condition! Stammering sometimes makes us laugh acknowledging what wonderful beings we are when depicting the human in us. How important it is for us to lead a great life and how these postponements and the tricks we use-when looked upon as audience are so so so very fun and humorous! These kinds of stuff went on for the session and it was a nice learning experience once again!!!

Take care all of you

Write up by Sudheendran

Contrary to usual practice, this week, Pramod was already waiting for me when I reached Cubbon Park. Amith had already informed his unavailability. Tanoy could not be reached over the phone and Kartik 1 was into some meeting and was also not available. We thought of contacting Kartik2 and surprisingly he told he was on the way. He joined us soon and we started the activities by indulging in some casual discussions.

Kartik2 suggested practicing belly breathing and it was followed by a discussion on the technique itself. After that we practiced the technique.

By that time Pramod bought some snacks and we decided to practice speaking without rushing by having a bite before talking. We asked each other some questions and he was supposed to answer them after having the bite. Though most of us forgot to have the bite before answering, it was fun.

It was followed by some more casual discussions and we dispersed at 12.30 PM.


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  1. admin 10 years ago

    cool, you guys are having fun 😀

  2. admin 10 years ago

    that was a nice post… Keep the battle on !!

  3. Sudheendran 10 years ago

    Thanks Manohar and Harish


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