Bangalore SHG meeting on 07-Feb-2010

Written by: Tanoy Battacharjee

A chilled morning waited for us once again. I reached the spot by 10.40 AM. Vinay had already arrived and was waiting for company. Soon, Amit also joined. Amit told no other member would be with us for the meeting. As our normal place was already occupied (as Sudhi was not there, we missed the place), we sat on the greenfield nearby and frankly it was better than our normal place.

Today, first time I saw Amit struggling with his speech like HELL!! The reason being, he was stressed out for the previous weeks for ‘knowledge transfer’ seminars. Then, Amit told us about the Breathing exercise and Auto-suggestion which was suggested by Pune SHG member who visited last meet.
Breathing Exercise: We shall take deep breath and exhale. While we take breath IN, our stomach should expand like filling gas in a balloon and while we breathe OUT, stomach shall go IN.

Auto -Suggestion: This technique was learned by Amit at one of the PB session. It says along with the breathing exercise, we say in our mind that our body is relaxing starting from feet to mind, like “My feet are relaxing”. It is the one which is helping me stand. I am feeling new wave of current flowing through it. I can feel flow of blood through my nerves. Now, as I move up… to Knees…. and things like that

We did the above mentioned methods for 15-20min, before starting the normal SHG activities like Introduction, Talk on various Topics, About Keith’s Visit etc.

I explained about my project which I am handling at office. Vinay told about the new project he got at BEL and the seminar which he has to give. Amit gave inputs from the Leather technologies. He also suggested Vinay to give some presentation in the next meet before going for his final presentation and He agreed. We dispersed by 1.15pm.

This meet was a fruitful one for me as I was doing the Breathing exercise quite the opposite way and may be therefore not getting the desired result.

Attendance: Tanoy, Amit, Vinay
New Activity: Proper breathing exercise and Auto-Suggestion.

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “Bangalore SHG meeting on 07-Feb-2010


    (February 10, 2010 - 6:44 am)

    Hey Sudheendran, how have you been?
    By Amit, did you mean Amitap ? convey my regards to all the bangalore SHG, especially to Amitap and Pramod :).
    Any plans of coming to pune ?


    (February 12, 2010 - 12:30 pm)

    Hi Manohar, Yes Amit is Amithap. Hope Pune SHG activities are going on well.

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