Pune SHG meeting: 7 Feb 2010

Hi All,

we all met once again on 7 Feb 2010. I was late to the meeting, thanks to JP who was to be picked up from a point 🙂 (@JP, no offense !) By the time we reached, meeting had already started. The strength of the meeting turned out to be an impressive Seven, with a new member Mr. PM, who works for Autodesk [my adversary :o(]

This time, the SHG meeting was altogether a different ballgame. JP took charge immediately and started giving us insights and wisdom that he possibly would have learnt at Samagra, Dehradun. He then directed us to practise voluntarily stuttering in different styles. Each style had its own charm and challenge. then we went on to play the game called “naani paani” which proved to be fun and some exercise (mind you, i was the winner of this contest). Later we discussed about the member’s availability for the Keith’s visit, since the days being a week days. Most of us agreed to take at least a half day and make it to the meeting. After the end of the session, we all had kacchi dabeli with cheese (Indian hotdog), which all of us relished. Myself and JP had ordered one more since we were starving for some reason. At this juncture, we started talking to the younger people of the group about the challenges faced by them in the interviews. I am sure our advice must have helped a least bit to them.

Later that evening, JP asked me to come along for a movie Avatar. Initially I was hesitant since i already watched it once. However, after a little coaxing by JP, i agreed, and we headed straight to INOX, and bought two tickets for Avatar (3D). All along, we discussed about the Self Help, Stammering attitudes, and Life in general, with a straw in the mouth sipping chilled Fanta.

Avatar’s ground breaking visuals and sound left us speechless, which i think is fantabulous. We both were immensely satisfied with our investment. The odyssey to Pandora left us hungry and we decided to head to Blue Nile restaurant, where we ordered a nice chicken biryani and a pomfret fish tandoori. we gorged on the food without seeing each other’s face for first few minutes. That was a real sumptuous meal we in a long time :o) I am sure JP would disagree a least bit !

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4 thoughts on “Pune SHG meeting: 7 Feb 2010


    (February 9, 2010 - 5:19 pm)

    Thanks Manohar for the pick up and also for this post..by the way any new movies this week 😉


    (February 10, 2010 - 5:39 am)

    It is fun to read your article.

    J.P Sir how is life back in infosys..[:)]


    (February 10, 2010 - 6:16 am)

    @JP: don't mention "thanks" ! which movie this week, hmm…let's see and take a call 🙂

    @kishore, thanks buds !


    (February 10, 2010 - 4:34 pm)

    Life is totaly different now 😀

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