Bangalore SHG meeting on 14-Feb-2010

Written by: Tanoy Battacharjee It was again a pleasant morning at Bangalore with the scent of love in the air. I told my friends that I would be going to Cubbon Park on Valentine’s Day morning for a meet, but they doubted my authenticity. Anyway, everyone reached on time as we had a meet planned with one of the journalists from a leading newspaper. She asked about how we got together, what the social problems associated with stammering were, what activities were done in SHG, how things had changed since the first meet etc. She was actually writing an article about how internet helps people with social problems to come together and share their experience. In the mean time, Amith gave an interview for DD channel about how love had changed his life. They were looking for someone to talk about Valentine’s Day and its importance in their life. So Amith thought he would talk about it as he had love marriage. It was about 20sec. He spoke well. The journalist went at noon and we started our basic SHG activities of deep breathing exercise and auto-suggestion. We continued with our short intro as one new member Vivek joined. Then, we dispersed by 1.00am.Attendance: Tanoy, Amith, Karthik (Drama), Karthik, Vivek and Vinay.
Activity: Deep breathing exercise, auto-suggestion and brief intro.

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    (February 19, 2010 - 9:50 am)

    Dear Sudheeran,
    I'm Santosh from Tisa Goa.
    Great work you people doing out there.
    Can you please tell me what is auto suggestion?
    cos in our Goa SHG meet we can also benefitted from this.

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