Boss is here in Delhi!

Some pics from Delhi Conference on 14th Feb- thanks to Gaurav Trivedi! You can see the ‘intensity’ in some pics.. You can also see what Keith is speaking out for! He almost did a ‘Salman act’.. (=taking the shirt off!). But on the whole it was a wonderful session. Lot of discussion. Many people shared their thoughts. There were issues to which” we had no easy solutions.

Like, what could be “reasonable accommodation” for PWS during interviews? When should one talk about stammering in an interview situation? should one do it at all? Should HR managers/ interviewers not learn a little bit more about human diversity? and more open to other assets they may be getting if not fleunt communication, from a PWS, a prospective employee? Are there ANY jobs/ profession which ANY human being (including PWS) not ASPIRE to? Who sets the limits? we or they? Many of us spoke with great passion. Many recalled old pain. Many were surprised that stammering meant so much to someone. Keith steered the discussion safely to good common sense and healthy optimism.

About thirty participants came. A parent with a young child. Two SLPs. Many young faces- who were just an Email ID so far.. Overall a useful and memorable time. This is just a brief- proper report is expected soon from delhi group on


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  1. kishore 10 years ago

    Thanks Dr. sachin and keith for making the first of its kind delhi seminar a sucess.

    Kishore (now in Itlay)

  2. admin 10 years ago

    Thanks Dr. sachin and keith for making the first of its kind delhi seminar a sucess.

    Kishore (now in Itlay)

  3. pb 10 years ago

    thanks to all of you . esp keith sir , sachin sir , kishore and nitin sir . this session was indeed inspirational and optimistic for me . i somewhere think ive been blaming my stammer for every thing i could not achieve . its high time we accept and move forward .
    acceptance is a complicated phenomenon and im sure to reach the destination coz ive started the journey .

  4. Sachin 10 years ago

    yes- Pulkit. Acceptance is not a state – to be reached. rather, it is an attitude- a process..It may not change things much outwardly- but there is a big qualitative change in life..You are at peace with yourself- You exert yourself but in a calmer way..
    Happy that I was there in Delhi at the right time..

  5. admin 10 years ago

    We have to make a decesion .Whether to go up Or to be live where we are.
    We as PWS have many things in common .And above all we have the true courage to face the world with smile on our face.
    Keep it up Tisa Delhi.

  6. Anonymous 10 years ago

    I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

  7. Ravi.... 10 years ago

    Thanks TISA give me this opporunity.


  8. admin 10 years ago

    i was not able attend the meeting..
    but,these reports would learn me a lot..thanks to delhi shg,keith &dr. sachin


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