Keith in Doon valley

Keith arrived in Herbertpur on 22nd Feb, late afternoon. Surendra, Amaan, Vineet arrived to see him in the evening. Next morning, we started with Sapience school- a prestigious English medium school of this region. We addressed about 40 teachers. Gave them some handouts and contact details. Then, lunch at SMTA with Ruben, Maggi and Nishant. Next stop of our “road show” was St Mary’s Convent. About fifty teachers listened attentively to Keith about the role teachers can play in helping a child who stammers. Then, a well deserved cup of green tea at Mrs Jain’s place. Mr Jain is a leading industrialist of the area and is involved with tea industry.

Our last stop was: Anugrah at 4 pm. Keith was welcomed by Dr Daniel (Med. Suptdt of the hospital) and Rev Moses. Some parents, many children and our SHG members were there. Keith spoke about his own journey- major mile stones; and why and how we all have to find our own ways. Rev. Moses also spoke about how his faith helped him to overcome his difficulties with speech as a young man. Then, parents shared their thoughts and concerns. SHG members came up and spoke- some sang too! Amaan’s mother offered Keith a bouquet and Mr & Mrs Jain presented Keith a shawl in Indian fashion. By 6.30 pm, we finished- tired but happy to see that people are talking about stammering and there is an acceptance for the diversity we all have. (you will see pics soon)


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  1. admin 10 years ago

    Very happy to know about perents & people who are talking about stammering & accepted it.

  2. Vikas 10 years ago

    Good Work Guys..Keep Going


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