Herbertpur SHG meet

Pramendra, Pawan, Parmanand, sachin and Dr Marinsha met in the Anugrah hall from 3 to 6 pm. We had many rounds of brief presentations- intro- and feedback. We read newspaper cuttings- then shared about it. Then, we summarised the news in one line. PWS can sometime be a little long winded. But capacity to summarise large matter in a succinct line can often be important in this age of chronic shortage of time. Another round was one line definitions- everyone was given a technical topic/ word and we had to give one line definitions. Here Pramendra brought up his concern that in this process, we are being unethical- we are misrepresenting facts.. Then, we discussed the concept of need based communication: we must give priority to listener’s need for information, her/his style and preferences- over our need to communicate, over our standards of technical/ linguistic perfection.
Then, we all gave one piece of idea to Dr Marinsha, to keep in mind when talking to a PWS. Before winding up, we asked her to give her honest opinion as a non-stammerer: do people get uncomfortable when listening to a PWS? Her answer was significant: I will be quite comfortable if that person is comfortable with his or her stammering. After she left, we four talked about how to become comfortable with our stammering.. Acceptance was one step (writing a blog eg.). Another was using a bounce on purpose in every sentence. With a bounce, we announce that I stammer and I am fine with it.
We all thanked Dr Marinsha, a Family Physician, for her time, interest and candid feedback.


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