More pics from Chennai..

Briefly: 1. Mr Hassanand and other SHG members having a discussion over snacks
2, 3. Mr Hassanand and Mr Manimaran addressing the meeting on 20th Feb 2010, on first anniversary of Chennai SHG.
4. Vishal and sachin interacting with reporter from The Hindu.
5. In front of Mahabalipuram temple: Mr Karunyamurti (Keith and Sachin had tough time with his name!), Mr Francin, Keith, sachin and Mani (from left to right).
It was a time to remember that in spite of difficulties, Chennai group has consistently conducted self help meetings for one complete year- all, thanks to selflessness of the group members, led by Mr Manimaran. The results of their hard work was visible in the way every member, (many quite young and a girl too) came to the dias and spoke very well, one after another.
If all these young people had tried traditional therapy- chances are, they would have spent a lot of money and would not have become part of a national level support network. Certainly, they would not have had the chance to listen to and meet Mr Keith Boss, who demonstrated that you can be an effective communicator WITH your stammer. I hope and pray, that Cognizant Cares will take the process forward, in spite of difficulties and will replicate the model of self help among all its units.
For me (sachin) these were the best three days in my life..!

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    (March 2, 2010 - 5:37 am)

    nice picture with Mr.keith

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