Goa SHG Meeting, 07 March 2010 – A ‘Virtual’ Meeting

Sunday Mornings are SHG times here for Goa SHG. But there are sometimes when work and other important commitments keep us away from SHG meets. Today was one such day. Santosh was on a duty visit to Chiplun, Maharashtra. He missed our SHG meeting, which was evident from his phone call that I received in the morning. I told him nobody could make it today, and hence we were not meeting. He was dissapointed. He suggested that we should have an on-line (phone) SHG meeting.
So, we got Sachin Sir join the call, and we had a brief conference call. Santosh told Sachin Sir that somehow, he is not able to practice bouncing technique while speaking. Sachin Sir was of the opinion that if we should hear others speaking in bouncing technique, for us to be comfortable with it. Sachin Sir then resumed rest of the conversation with bouncing technique. He also told us the significance of voluntary stuttering.
Sachin Sir then had to leave the conference call due to some important work. We then continued with the conversation. Santosh told me that his company is taken over by another company, and that his review meeting next month will not be the same. He was apprehensive about it. I told him about my experience and apprehensions when I had to train people at my work place. (I answered using bouncing technique this time, as Sachin Sir advised). I told him how Sachin Sir advised me, and I also told him about the three Rules that Sachin Sir had given me.
Santosh also wondered, why despite so much of practice, stammering cannot be eliminated to 100%. I told him about the genetic aspect of stammering, and explained in brief the Stammering Model which was explained on BSA site.
We finished the call, hoping to ‘meet’ soon. We are very much thankful to Sachin Sir for taking time and joining us during our conversation.
This is not the same as the conventional SHG meeting. But, as they say- something is better then nothing!

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker