A way out of the bog

There is a popular saying in SLP literature: Stuttering is like a bog. There are many paths leading in to this bog. There are many paths leading OUT of this bog. TISA tries to share many of these paths leading out, especially those which do not have a commercial, exploitative undertone and those which are based on some rationale and objectivity. Here is a testimony about Brahmavidya. We have suppressed the personally identifiable information, as per the editorial policy.

I’m T, a young woman from town B. I’m working for a MNC Bank as a Team leader
managing a group of about a dozen staff. I started stuttering at a young age as most of the PWS. This speech problem increased extremely abt 3 yrs ago when I went through a lot of stress and pressure at work. That was the time I was desperate to get out of Stammering forever. Tried with speech Therapy, met a phychologist, Reiki and many more. But had no results. Reiki did help me for a short span.

Oct 23rd 09 I read a very interesting article “Common man uncommon lives” posted by M K Peerbhai at
http://www.stammer.in/component/content/article/34-cat-info/190-common-men-uncommon-lives-.html on TISA’s website, regarding Brahmavidya as a tool to fluent speech.

I was amazed reading the article and was looking for something similar methods
to cure my stuttering. I’m glad I read the article and decided to start right
away with Brahmavidya by Correspondence. I noticed a slow and steady improvement in my speech from the very first few weeks of the practice. Day after day I could see a lot of changes gaining fluency.

I no longer struggle to speak or prepare for ways to communicate. Introducing
myself, talking in a group, sharing my ideas which were all a big challenge to
me, today they all easily flow out. With about 4 months of practice with BV I
manage to speak fluent and confidently at most of the time. With continued
practice I’m sure to completely cure my stammering.

How it works- Brahmavidya teaches highly effective breathing exercises and
Meditation. The breathing exercise greatly increases the intake of oxygen into
the body. The influx of lot of energy/oxygen into the body strengths the
chakras. When the body is charged speech becomes easy.

Another important technique is meditation-the methods of meditation taught in
Brahmavidya are very powerful it relaxes and calms the mind, builds confidence
and being positive. This further adds to clear speech.

Brahmavidya improves our thought process and our outlook towards life, people,
there’s a great deal of strength in mind. There are lots of benefits I have
gained physically, mentally and emotionally. Its a powerful tool to every
individual. I’m committed to doing the exercises, spend at least 60 minutes on
exercises and 30 minutes on Meditation every day. The amount of time invested is
Priceless. With the guidance and great support from M.K.Peerbhai Brahmavidya became more easy to follow.

Wish you all Happiness and Success
Thanks and Regards

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Post Author: Sachin

2 thoughts on “A way out of the bog


    (March 7, 2010 - 9:09 am)

    what is said,i agree with it.few
    yr. back i practised similar unknowingly & found positive effect on my speech…..

    Santosh kumar

    (March 27, 2011 - 6:19 am)

    Yes. I also got miraculous result within 3-4days after starting these breathing exercises. since last 2-3 months, my stammering was increased very much. I applied all speech therapy techniques i.e. Prolongation, bouncing, stretching during speaking but all in vain. Then I tried brahma vidya.
    Actually stammering is not a physical disorder by birth but because of shortened breath in the childhood due to some of the following reasons:

    1.Physical weakness due to some illness.

    2.Some fear.

    3.Imitating a stammerer.

    4.Accident or some mishappening.

    Due to short breath, a person starts speaking with pauses and interruptions (as speech develops from breath). He does not want to speak with pauses. But since he is not aware of the actual cause of these pauses, he tries to speak out more words in that short breath. This results in the abnormal increase in the speed of speech. Speaking more in short breath causes stammering and it becomes a habit. This is “Stammering”

    If a person regularly stammers from childhood, it casts an impression in his mind also. While speaking, a thought occursin his mind that he speaks with pauses. Thisfear further aggravates his problem. This is “Psychology”.

    And powerful breathing techniques of brahma vidya removes very effectively the root cause of stammering (short breath & psychology).

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