Feedback from Banglore

Here is a feedback about how Self help groups facilitate deeper change in individuals, received from Tanoy in Banglore:

Holi was Ok..ok but Trek was excellent…
Actually, I joined a trek group called ‘Bangalore Ascender’. It is also like TISA, where people of common interest come together and go for trekking across Karnataka.

And TISA helped me in this regard in the regard. I came forward and meet new people be’coz of acceptance. And during intro round since its unknown people, I started by saying “Before I give my intro, I will like to tell you the fact that I stammer so if anyone not able to understand anything they can ask me to repeat it…”. It helped me as I stammered less and also people asked some question. As compared to earlier experience when no one used to ask any question even if they had any doubts…

I shall try to attend this week meet positively. I cannot assure so early but I will positively do tht. And about the trek, it was good and organized very well. Trekking level is refered as Moderate+ as it has quite steep uphills. We were able to spot some wild animals like bear, dear, peacock.. Missed out on Tiger and cheetahs J

And one more thg.. we were the first trekking batch who were able to capture the “horse”. I mean the mountain kudermurka means horse shaped mountain. So, we were able to find the spot (the only one) where one can see the mountain in a horse shape.


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