Yet another review gone with the wind!!!!
I’ve been continuesly told myself yesterday,”Santosh Go forward,be calm,be into youe own.Start communicating,Preapare your document well,study thouroughly & Accept your problem rather difficulty to speak fluently.

One thing I’ve noticed when ever I think that thinking also not fluent.WHY?
Is this the sin which ends with life?
But what about present? Is it so miserable that I can not communicate inspite of being such a hardworker in my own field?
These are the quiestions I always had in my mind with multiple answers that too not fluent..WHY?
As far as acceptance are concern before meeting I make it a deliberate point to meet my VP Sales & service to tell him what he alraedy knew.
I started… Sir can I take your few moments?….Yes He replied not looking at me.
I started… Sir You have noticed severel times that when I speak,some time I stumble on my word.So if you dont follow,please ask.
His sponteneous answer was …Yes I will.
Thats it.
In my mind one thought came,This guy wants only results.
NO matter how evenly I communicate He wants results.
I thought I’m 40% through…
During presentation I started very well had no problem.
But as I proceed I got the feeling that I did not prepare that topic well & within no time ,I fumble & running behind words.& by the time I started,He Does it for me.Started Questioning..
Though I started & finished much better than my previous experience,lot of questions arrived at the same time.If I prepared well,I could have given my best shots.& thats it all.I dont want any body’s sympethatic look saying Ok good You have tried really well. Better luck next time.But what if I do not prepared next time .Then?
Not only I have to accept but also have to prepare & perform well.
I think this is just a starting jeark.Race has just began.


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  1. Sachin 10 years ago

    "Not only I have to accept but also have to prepare & perform well."
    That is the TRICK!

  2. admin 10 years ago

    Great post santosh… what you have written gives lesson to everybody… It shows how important it is to prepare well when we have a presentation…. It is not only how we say… "What" we say also matters!

    Keep writing Santosh.. and thanks for sharing this experience

  3. admin 10 years ago

    I am highly inspired with your attitude and I really wanna thank you for sharing your experience. It will keep me going whenever I'll face any barrier. Thanks again !!

  4. anita 10 years ago

    gr8 bro keep it up!!


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