Bangalore SHG meeting on 21-Mar-2010

This meeting was attended by three people, I, Tanoy and Krishna. Krishna joined us late by around 11.30 AM and we had started our activities before that. We decided to synchronies the breathing and speech in which we speak after inhaling fully and exhaling a bit. We started with reading a passage and presenting the same. It was followed by discussing about the recent movie watched by us.Since there were only two people, we were left with a lot of time and were thinking of dispersing. By this time Krishna joined us and we continued discussion on some other topics. Later we decided to roam around the park and find out where Visweswaraiya museum was, as two groups of people asked the direction to the place. Though we knew the approximate location of the museum, we had not visited the location. So went towards the museum and decided to ask some people about the location. Though we fumbled here and there, we could speak well and could locate it.We went to the museum and since it was already 12.10, we decided not to enter it and dispersed.

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “Bangalore SHG meeting on 21-Mar-2010


    (March 25, 2010 - 1:40 pm)

    Hi Sudheendran,
    I'm Santosh from Goa.
    What you people doing excersise of speaking while exhaling a bit is a very good excersise cos I also done some time when I'm in a state of block.
    Keep it up dear………


    (March 26, 2010 - 3:42 am)

    Someone in Banglore SHG should do a review now: develop a questionnaire (since when are you attending the SHG? what changes have you noticed in yourself? etc.) and ask members to do a self review- you can involve a neutral outsider in the interpretation of data..and share your findings here..
    It will be a good tool to find out if and how much SHGs help PWS. And what can be done to improve it.

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