Pune SHG’s Appraisal!

Pune SHG met on March 28th, 2010. We have changed our timings to morning (10 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and boy!, it feels great to meet in the morning, all fresh and charged up and also we get time to spend with our family members and friends on Sunday evenings.
We started the meeting without focusing on any technique but just normal chit chat and general discussion. One of the members, raised some very important questions, which I too faced at a point in my life –
1. “When I am trying to slow down everything as suggested by some speech therapists, I am not able to adjust to the work environment where everything is fast paced”.
2. What do I do, when I remember about the incident when someone hanged up on me even before I could say hello!
3. How do we handle the negative things that are still going on in our mind, even when I have attained reasonably good communication skills.
We discussed various aspects and angles of looking at these things. The way to overcome our negative past experiences is to share them by writing blogs, or recreating the events. Like, for the example mentioned above, make a call again to someone (may be a call center) and get blocked severely and observe what happens and write about it.
Being not being able to keep pace with the world. If you are comfortable with your speed, the world will be too!
Regarding the third point, try to observe your thoughts and actions then analyse them objectively. A lot of these things may be happening to you due to the inertia that has built up over the years.

Next we did an activity where each one of us had to tell a name of any object kept in the room by using bouncing technique. As we are near the end of the financial cycle, next was our self appraisal and appraisal of Pune self help group :). A lot of contructive feedback came from the members:

1. Rotate the coordinator’s role for every meeting
2. Finalize the agenda for next meeting in every meeting.
3. Need of a time keeper for every meet, so that all the people get equal opportunities to speak.
4. Setting up of at least one goal/aim for the week as a follow up activity after each meet.
5. One full day workshop every month.
6. One outing/trek/lunch/movie every month.

We dispersed after setting at least one goal for each one of us viz Writing a post about the meeting :), keeping silent until i have something important to say, make a phone call to a call center etc.

Early waiting for our next meeting as to check how much everyone has been able to achieve in terms of their goals.

P.S. – Forgot to take a photograph. Will try next time 🙂

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  1. admin 10 years ago

    Nicely put down JP!
    Meeting in morning is really better option than meeting in the afternoon.
    Last meeting was very constructive, with lots of ideas flying around and people coming forward and putting their points.
    Another thing to note is that all the people stayed till last which rarely happens in when we meet in the afternoon.


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