Kolkata Workshop, Day-4

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We started the day early today at 6:00 AM, instead of starting at 6:30 AM. We skipped our daily tea, but the freshness in morning air pretty much made up for it. We jogged initially and later sprinted. After which we did some stretches and pull-ups. I was then instructed to do some somersaults which i happily obliged. Checkout some pictures later. In the meantime, Tea arrived and we relished it.

Later we assembled together to do some yoga. This time Nilu took the initiative and lead us into a musical yoga. The soulful music of colonial cousins and the dance steps we did were a perfect match. Nilu also explained the scientific and practical importance of each step, where it could be related to the human life. We then were lead into a long meditation by Sanjeet. We were instructed to observe our breathing; the idea is to turn the attention inward.

We then had a quick and crispy breakfast and headed to conference hall. Sachin gave a quick presentation of the importance of the correct breathing. Next, he explained about the various kinds of block correction:

Post block: also called cancellation. After you happen to block at a word, cancel it and say it again, only this time using a technique of bouncing or prolongation.
In block: getting stuck at a word, take a slight pause and use the technique.
Pre block: anticipate problem, use the technique.
Later Sachin handed out each one of us few handouts containing some quotes. We analysed, discussed and reviewed it.

We later watched Hrithik’s interview by Farah Khan. Quoting some lines which i think are worth mentioning here:
“Perfectionism is about being real.”
“Nothing in life is bad”

Hrithik claims that he became an actor because of his stammer. Now, it’s upto us what we wish to become, stammer or no stammer.

Sachin then gave us some kinds of cognitive distortions examples and asked each one of us to explain about the each kind of cognitive distortion citing a stammering example. Each one of us presented this example using the techniques we have been learning all these days. Dr Durba then advised each of us as to which technique would suit him/her the most.

Then there was interesting question: why acceptance? And how much to accept? Sachin replied that acceptance is a journey, can’t be accepted overnight. He talked about the order of acceptance at various levels viz: physiological, emotional and spiritual (in that order).

We then did a little role play, where each one of us did enact an animal or a rodent. Had a reason to have a hearty laugh  Also did a round of speaking using sign language. This highlights the importance non-verbal communication. When we did this round, each one of us was surprisingly effective in conveying their point.
Dr. Durba then presented about the Iceberg concept and drew an analogy with stammering. She spoke at length about various categories of PWS (soft, in-between, and hard), and how to attack the iceberg base. To summarize, to treat the visible portion of the iceberg (10%), SLPs are here to help. The rest of the 90% should be treated by PWS himself/herself.

Vivek then presented a topic “spirit: resource for healing”. Sachin then handed over few extracts and asked to read and present our opinion. The first extract highlights the importance of humour. To paraphrase: Mr Gandhi said: “Hate the sin, not the sinner”, similarly, “laugh at the stammer, not at the stammerer.” The second extract indicates that acceptance is the way to go, not revenge.

Today, we had a new PWS, Rahul who came, introduced and left, promising to join us tomorrow. Then we played an energizer “naani-paani” and had real good laugh. Sachin later presented the buddy system in a SHG. We then did quick recap of various techniques: bouncing, prolongation, pausing. We had a round of voluntary stuttering. Then we had a round of impromptu presentation.

With this we wrapped up the session for the day…

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    (April 1, 2010 - 2:33 pm)

    All you guys doing great.
    & Manohar you crafted it for us is a rael joy..
    May be we could not be there.But you fill the gap being a bridge in between we & you all guys..

    Keep it up dear.We all keenly follwing you all..


    (April 4, 2010 - 4:16 am)

    thanks Santosh, i am glad that i was able to help 🙂


    (April 5, 2010 - 10:10 am)

    Thank you all…
    This is so wonderful, the way you guys are enjoying and learning is really awesome.

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