Is all avoidance stammering related?

After discussing Shehaan’s stuttering iceberg with Keith and thinking about whether its really a stuttering or a communication iceberg, I also feel like extending this to avoidance. Yes we should work on avoiding all avoidance but then are all avoidance stammering related? Don’t we avoid to speak many a times despite the fact that we may not stammer? Are we in a position to distinguish such non-stammering related avoidance with stammering avoidance? Sachin will be more close to this as ‘silence’ can be ‘spiritual’ as well as ‘stammer induced’ in our case….

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  1. Sachin 10 years ago

    Yes, Akash- you are right. I know a saint who has been silent for many years- not because of stammering- He just discovered that silence is so wonderful.. When his attendants read out the content of my Self Help Manual to him- he smiled and wrote out a cryptic comment: What? Nothing about SILENCE?"
    He meant- the manual talks a lot about all kind of approaches and techniques about communication- but what about communication at a deeper level with the Self?
    Now, the thing is, we all are at different stages of life and our needs are so different..But yes, a discussion and sharing of experiences certainly helps everyone..


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