Kolkata Workshop, Day 6

We started at around 6:20 AM, and started jogging. Jogging by definition should have such a speed where you can easily converse with a fellow runner. After a couple of rounds, Sanjeet and Sachin stopped. I for being younger was made to run a couple of rounds more. I obliged happily. After few minutes, Vivek joined us. We did the same jostling and stretching exercises. We also did some push-ups on a pro-rata basis, age and obesity being the criterion.
Then we did some walking meditation, sounds strange? Relax, we were puzzled too. The objective of any meditation is to be aware of one self. Walking meditation is all about being aware of ourselves, our breath, but only this time, while walking. This was quite a challenge. One of us claimed that he was able to achieve 100%. I was able to be aware of my breath only 20%. We again did a round of walking meditation, and this time it made more sense. I felt the difference. The idea of this exercise was to be able to meditate in all the situations, no matter how complicated or stressful that is. Examples: before client presentation, interviews, proposing, conference calls etc.
We headed to do yoga, and all along the way had some interesting discussion. We discussed about Osho and Kabir. Oh boy! that was some serious wisdom up for grabs. At least I listened with rapt attention. Thankfully, i would not be able to quote them here due to linguistic limitations. Sachin says if everything in the surroundings turns to green color, there will not be any differentiation of other colors viz. red, blue etc. Likewise, if everybody starts stuttering, there will not be anything called fluency, or the vice-versa. It is because of stammer that fluency is recognized and admired. Sachin cracked a joke that all stammerers should be rewarded 500$ per day, as it is we because of whom fluent speakers take credit 
Sachin then lead us into meditation. I was uneasy after some time, so turned around and started looking at the vast greenery present all around. I told Sachin about this later and he said that it ok, as long you are feeling the positive energy.
Then, we came to Medica hospital and saw slides for Motivation. Motivation can be classified as intrinsic, extrinsic and self motivation. We saw hindi interviews of some PWS who have either recovered or are on the way to recovery. They shared the message that inspite of having this problem, we can still dream and achieve our goals. Road to recovery can be guided by attaining speech therapy or joining some self help group.
On the first day of workshop, we have listed all our expectations. These expectations were discussed and reviewed one by one. Majority of my expectations were met, and similar was the case with others. During lunch we also discussed need to have some research regarding stammering in India. After lunch, Sachin asked us to give feedback about him and the program. Many members shared their valuable suggestions. During the course of conversation, Dr Durba was asked to do a parody (mimic) each one of us. First Sachin, then Manohar, Sanjeet, Sweta and lastly of Vivek, she flawlessly imitated each one of us. And each time she did it, we all rolled on floor laughing. That was hilarious 😀
Later, Sanjeet and Manohar were seen off by the rest of the group. Along the way some parting words were exchanged. Some good lucks wished. For some this was just the beginning, a beginning of a change, a change that can bring dignity and joy to lives.

Post workshop:
After lunch- Durba, Shweta and sachin discussed how they could take it further- how to contact PWS and organise the next SHG meeting and what agenda could look like; what could be the rules for conducting SHG? various criteria for inviting people? We also discussed the need for psychological consultations wherever needed. Sachin gave various AV and text files related to stammering and presentations used during workshop to Shweta. He also extended the author status to both of them so that they could announce SHG meetings at TISA website and blog- and also share their thoughts and experiences. Sachin thanked Medica Synergie on behalf of TISA and all the participants. There are many loose ends- which we hope to tie neatly in future one by one.

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

4 thoughts on “Kolkata Workshop, Day 6


    (April 5, 2010 - 3:47 am)

    Beautiful Manohar! You captured everything so well. Yes, it is a beginning of journey- for me too!


    (April 5, 2010 - 6:05 am)

    thanks Sachin, appreciate your commitment to the cause. Keep rocking!!!


    (April 5, 2010 - 10:33 am)

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences and leanings through out the session and special appreciations for your so precise and easily understandable language.

    Very best of my regards for a bright future.


    (April 7, 2010 - 3:00 pm)

    Your writing reminds me of being in the workshop with you all.

    It was great….

    No words to say thanks to Dr. Sachin for helping me to attend the workshop…


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