Stammering – a bliss?

How can stammering be a bliss? That is all crap! You are just saying it because you have attained reasonably good communication skills. The argument is true only until you are living in an AUTOPILOT mode and until you are under the impression that you are your mind and your thoughts.Isn’t it? No, this is all crap again! I am what I think..This is what I have read in the motivational quotes that I google for daily! Yes you are what you think but can’t you control what you think and how you feel? OK, all this is fine, but can you tell me any TECHNIQUES for fluent speech.

Does the above conversation sounds familiar? Actually until a few months back, I also never believed that Stammering can be a bliss. But it is! It has made me so aware about how and why I act in a certain way. It has given me the unlimited courage to look directly into my fears and check their authenticity! Whenever I feel that I am trying to exert too much force while speaking, I can now look at my behaviour and feelings from a distance and see why I am feeling this way ? and I get an answer – OK, this is due to my old thinking patterns. I say to myself- lets bounce and see. Is stammering that bad? And I BOUNCE and some times bouncing turns into a real stammer but I say to myself- that was not bad! Actually that sounded quite c-c-c-cool! OMG! How could on earth I would have got such courage without my stammering! I feel I am much more free than my fluent friends.


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  1. admin 10 years ago

    well said JP, OMG, now we are talking 🙂

  2. Sachin 10 years ago

    Dude- you rock! Keep rocking!
    Pretty deep stuff!

  3. admin 10 years ago

    While in the process of understanding stutter, i guess it so happens that one develops deeper understanding towards other non stuttering aspects of life which is bonus. So can be bliss only if we realize. Hard to digest but true.

  4. admin 10 years ago

    I agree 100%

    Stammering is a bliss… For me personally I think stammering has made me : A little more social then what I would have been if I was a non-PWS. It has taught me to take responsibilities, To push myself, To write… And it continues to teach me…

  5. admin 10 years ago

    Nicely put Sujit. And these deeper understanding of non stuttering aspects is soooo liberating!


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