Dont be a chhuimui !

Today, Deepak and Raju came and spent some time interviewing each other on camera. Then we discussed many things, some techniques and some jokes. Since Raju is doing diploma in Physiotherapy, I asked him a few questions in English about his subject. Then we reviewed the recording and parted after about two hours.
Here is a little clip- about the well known phenomena: people acting like delicate chhui mui and turning their eyes away when some one stammers. Still same people would crowd around a road accident to savor the gore- the brain scattered all over! Quite a paradox!
I hope everyone knows the simple protocol, when someone is stammering: just maintain a normal eye contact and slow yourself down. Let the person compltete the world. Dont hurry, dont guess/complete the word. If not clear, ask again. That’s all. It takes just a few seconds more- to give the other guy his due. Believe me- it does a lot of good to you too.

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  1. admin 10 years ago

    Thats what is trying to desensitize i think. We got to make people understand we want to look them into eye and speak!!


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