Herbertpur SHG meets

We have been meeting off and on. Yesterday I returned from Uttarkashi and today, on Sunday, four of us met: Pawan, Vineet, Aman and self. Pawan has recently changed jobs. I and Pawan had a long discussion about work situation- where sometime criticism sits uncomfortably on the borderline of acceptable feedback and subjective ‘personal comments’. Some of us would even leave the job because of such experiences but is that a good option? Is it even an option at times? We also talked about how sometimes management may use our stammering as a ‘counterweight’ against us in certain negotiations.

Yes, there are cognitive distortions- but equally common are people who dont really understand what stammering is- and who consider everything fair in ‘love and war’! Finally we agreed that we have only ourselves to work with- and that is what is going to help in the long run. With Aman and Vineet, we discussed our response to teasing, particularly. We practised some voluntary stuttering and then, sachin showed the pics he had taken in Uttarkashi. With every change of the slide, we had to describe quickly whatever we saw in the picture- with a bounce or slide. It was fun. Then, two of Anugrah staff walked in- as fate would have it- and we practised brief bouncing intro with them for practice.

Harsh is expected to come on 25th May. We planned for his visit and how the group can facilitate him.

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2 thoughts on “Herbertpur SHG meets


    (May 24, 2010 - 10:02 am)

    Handling teasing is still something about which its very hard for me to counsel young PWS. When I say ignore it and continue with life, one of them said- "it hurts a lot when they mock me". Mind you people said derrrogatory things even about Sita and Ram!


    (May 24, 2010 - 10:18 am)

    well said JP. But why can't we remember one thing: "what you can't cure should be endured!"

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