“On being different”

This Sunday, we had two visiting artists! Gajendra from Roorkee and Harsh from Kanpur. Gajendra is doing B.Tech and Harsh, IIT from Mumbai. Regulars like Susheel, Raju, Vineet, Nishu and sachin were of course there to welcome them.

Harsh who has been in Herbertpur for about six days, made a very good presentation “On Being Different”. He was referring to a congenital condition of his hands- Syndactyly. It is neither dangerous to oneself nor to others but some people are surprised- and children some time can react very thoughtlessly. It was a very honest and frank sharing.

Gajendra too shared his insights about stammering and how he has tried to help himself- and what it meant for him to drive a bike from Roorkee all the way to Herbertpur-2.5 hours- to meet other PWS! Vineet also shared his great moment: he had to appear for an exam at Rishikesh. He had to locate the examination center on his own- for the first time, since his father could not accompany him. But courageously, he stopped strangers, bounced and asked for instructions- and interestingly found that everyone was so helpful.

Finally we all played a game: a paper with a word on it was pinned to our back (see the pic above)- and we had to guess it by asking questions (using our preferred technique like bouncing / prolongation etc.) from others in a circle. Sachin too went for it and had tough time guessing “cell phone”.

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  1. admin 10 years ago

    learning and fun goes together… nice!


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