To all my fellow brothers and sisters who stammersBefore starting to say anything, i shall like to give a brief introduction about myself.My name in Amartya Sinha. Presently i am in kolkata. I used to stammer severely at some part of my life. I know personally how it feels to be a stammerer.Now i am Software developer. Not only that i give public speeches with no block i.e with 100% FLUENCY. Some may not believe it. But its true. I do not think there is anything called stammering in this world. There is a myth about stammering that it is incurable. People say that if u get a block or repeat some letters in a speech you stammer. But its not true. Everyone in this world stammers, under stress. Its that person who are fluent speaker dont really care much whether they stammer or not. But person like us are too conscious about it. This is something called false consciousness. See a person gets out of his home everyday to go to his office . There is every probability there u may encounter with an accident . But no one thinks like this that “Shall i be able to come home today?”, “Will i encounter with an accident today?”. See if he thinks like this there will a greater risk that he/she may encounter an accident. Now people may ask me how it happens. Since i am a techie i shall give this explanation. At every given time ie t=0, suppose there are 2 cases 1) To be able to cross a road without an accident 2) Not to be able to cross a road and meeting with an accident. Now suppose we are thinking about the stammering . Now i wish to say that we are concentrating about our stammering problem, ie at that instant we alienated to a equal degree from the worldly affairs. ( CROSSING THE ROAD) . So at that instant case 2 becomes true and we met with a accident.Coming back to stammering, the problem starts very early at childhood. But since we think too much about it, the problems worsens. To add to this person who claim themselves fluent perhaps think that PWS are funny people. So they humiliate us . I think all this together make the problem more complex. All of my friends in kolkata and outside if u feel u can contact at email number +91 9432533053.


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  1. Sachin 10 years ago

    Amartya – Congrats. You have given an accurate assessment of the situation faced by us day after day. Let us get together, discuss, share and change our consciousness..
    Wish we had met when I was there.. Anyway, we still will meet one of these days..
    Welcome to TISA family

  2. admin 10 years ago

    Your analogy is quite good.
    We PWS continuesly thinks about our stammering & I think by thinking with our minds to speak freely we can beat the heat.
    Some times you know we tends to think too much about our stammering & fall in the trap!!
    I think you will be always there to communicate & to share your thoughts to us.
    Welcome dear where we all think in unison.

  3. SUPERSANDESH 10 years ago

    … I felt very nice to read your post !….nice observations …..You definitely had a nice research of yourself…..congrats
    Welcome to TISA family !!…..

  4. admin 10 years ago

    Nice post, keep sharing!


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