Be in a correct frame of mind, suceess will unfold before you.

It gives me enormous joy that i could motivate my fellow brothers with my speech. Now here i list below some of the tragic moments of my life due to stammering.
In my childhood there was times when i could not give my attendence. What would happen is that whenever my roll number drew closer my heart beat used to get faster, causing a block , thus resulting in stammering. I used to bunk the viva classes during exam fearing that i would get a block.In my college days too i spend the classes not hearing to professors lecture but wasting time thinking that whether i shall be able to get a job. All these are my personal experiences.

Returning to the main topic, i cannot give u a trick (or streotype) to rid of the stammering. In this era of globalization we are living in such a economy that everything becomes a commodity and is made ready to sell as a product. In sanskrit there is a saying “KARYA TURANAM NA SUKHAM NA NIDRA” “(ie in order to do a work u must the leave the luxury of sleep and happiness”). Today we see many people across the globe who were PWS at some part of their life but presently living normally without any problem. We see their karya but do not witness the amount of hard work they put in in order to get rid of this problem. And this is the hardest part of the work because its really easy to identify an enemy outside but here you are encountering with an enemy with is you and your self. We have no self esteem. We constantly loiter around seaching for success (As if success is a key and you have lost it and now it is with someone else and you just have to find it) . So what i mean to say that there is a panacea about cure. And there are N number of people outside who are waiting just to avail this oppurtunity.So we get constantly befooled. We think all sorts of nonsense questions. like ” Can i ever find a girl-friend”? ” Will someone ever marry me” ? I am being a little frank so dont mind. Brothers do we ever think does anyone likes a person who has no no self esteem for himself. Because remember onething Suppose in a examination if a student is very good at studies could not give his examination and now he plead his teacher just to give a good mark . Now is the teacher entiled to give him good marks? The answer is sweeping “NO”. If his teacher even give him good marks then the teacher has every chance of lossing his job and he shall be asked to give a reply in the next general body teachers meeting. So he will not give you any marks. Just consider the case reversely a teacher threatens a students to fail him under any peculiar condition subject to the teachers vested interest. Now a student does not get demoralised and promises to show him the end result. Now no one expects to perform him in a decent way. So there is a lesser stress on him . Now suddenly he comes up with a mark sheet and shows his taecher that he has topped his school Just imagine that case. Such is the case with the girl with whom you are wanting to marry . Noone around that girl wants her to be around you. Becoz we wanted to search for success and did not want to achieve it. Now what i meant say was that “Success cannot be gained it has to achieved”. And all us know the laws of Charles Darwin that ” SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”. Now i gave the analogy of teacher with girl such that it become easier for you to grasp the moral of the story. I know there are many of you who think like this. So gave this analogy.

Now consider a second case- We all want a quick result . We pray to god to help us but do not unserstand that god in not there to harm us. That is to say we people are never really helping us so how will god help us ?? Is better to pursue the path of hard work than to serach for sucees because “Luck is a lift and suceess is like a steep slope” Luck can work once but it will not work the next time but hard work surely works for all cases. What i meant to say was that you might face a lot of trouble while thinking positively but persue that path with perseverence and you are bound to achieve suceess. You might be knowing the difference because time and space. Time is called matter arranged sequentially and space is matter arranged spacially. So we cant use the time again in the future unlike the space if we have losed it. So you can imagine yourself standing in sea shore and time is the grains of sand sleeping through the tiny pores of your fingers. So do not waste time thinking in a negetive way concentrating about all sorts of nonsense rubbish questions posted by me earlier. Instead try hard to practise in a a cordial environment open up urself , try to interact with some more people. That will really help you a lot i bet. Regarding my previous posts i told you that there is something called false conciousness. In today’s world we live in a world where people suffer from a disease called Bipolar disorder, which is that either we euphoric and eccentric or we are too demoralised. Most of you might have heard about the condition where a patient washes his/her hands in every minute fearing something dirty is there in his hands, but there is nothing like that. It is called a “MANIA”. Politicians in INDIA are crazy about power in LOKSABHA/RAJHASABHA. It is called “MEGALOMANIA”. Similarly we PWS suffer from a disease called “Stammer cure mania”. I told you that its told you that it is you who thought negetively day after day and has increased the problem manifoled thus giving it today’s shape. And after creating the problem we have fabricated it and gave it the name “Stammering” and have created rosy fairy tales about stammering. All are nonsense . We all know about the famous poet “KALIDAS” . He was cutting the branches of the tree where he was sitting because he did not know that he would fall. Similarly we have created tons of negitive debris in mind because we didnot know someday it will give rise to what people popularly called stammering . How can you cure a problem when a problem itself is not there?. So guys cheer up. Be bold and sucees is yours. Remember ” Be master of your own destiny and captain of your soul”

And lastly if you have any questions regarding any specific conditions feel free to ask me at my phone number. But please call in saturday or sunday after 8pm. Hope it was not too boring. Good buy for today.


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  1. Anonymous 10 years ago

    Good heart to heart chat. Thanks for such open sharing! Keep sharing your thoughts and experiences…

  2. Sachin 10 years ago

    Our understanding of stammering is often like the tale of 5 blind men and the ELEPHANT. In any case even the experts have not reached final conclusions. The least one could say is: there is a genetic potential to stammer- which manifests as a neuro-pysiological deficit in brain, around 3-6 yrs. Secondly, how the family and others react to this disfluency contributes to our pattern of "reaction" to it. Finally, we develop an elaborate system of "false consciousness" (as Amartya puts it) in subsequent years. So there are three components at the least: our genes, our environment and our belief system, which we develop over growing years. If you Change the belief system- nothing much of original stammering is left. Yes, while you are "there" it is not easy to change your belief system. You need some external help…
    Please keep on contributing to this interesting discussion..

  3. admin 10 years ago

    Nice post, with some real good understanding of the problem. Lets talk sometime. May be we can use video chat on gtalk. My id is


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