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Hello, I am sachin. A person who stammers. I have often been asked about TISA. The Indian stammering association . What is TISA?
TISA is a self help association of people who stammer, in India.

TISA has three core values. We encourage people to practice acceptance. Acceptance of the fact that we stammer- rather than denying it, running away from it, hiding from it, being afraid of it, or being ashamed of it. People are not same. We have our differences, our diversity. Stammering is our diversity, so let us accept it and be comfortable about it. Let us accept ourselves and others who stammer- as we are. Totally. With no reservations.

But acceptance does not mean sitting back– It does not mean that we have to accept poor communication and do nothing about it. No. Accept stammering but dont accept poor communication. This is our second core belief. Overall communication can be and must be improved. Yes, stammerers do become good communicators. But it takes long hard work in a group situation- and for that, we have self help groups.

Third principle is based on universal value of serving others. There are enough case studies which prove that when I try to help others, my own problems fall in to their proper perspective and I get the power to rise above them. In helping others, we are actually helping our own self. No less, no more. So, TISA is a platform for stammerers, reaching out and serving other stammerers through listening, sharing what has worked for them, counseling each other and by offering other help.

To summarize again- our three core values are:
Accept ourselves and others who stammer.
Work on communication – instead of chasing fluency and wasting your money and time.
Serve others selflessly- and discover your inner potential.

Our current strategy is to make sure that Indian PWS have a place on web to share objective information and their experiences. TISA maintains a Blog and a website for this purpose. Our motto is: better attitudes through knowledge.

Our second and core strategy is to promote self help groups across the country- whether physical or those based on phone and web.

Our third initiative is to conduct free workshops, to share the latest ideas about communication and stammering self help. We are trying to bring out many informational brochures and books in Indian languages, for those who are not comfortable with Internet and English.

Finally People often ask me: is there a cure? Yes- you can be free of stuttering mindset and be reasonably fluent. But that one percent of “biology” we are born with, cant be cured. And that is okay. You dont want to become a perfect robot- a perfect machine- do you?

Keep talking and smiling till we meet again. Good day!

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  1. admin 10 years ago

    Thanks for posting sachin 🙂


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