Mohan from Hyderabad

Our 4th SHG meeting was held at KBR park on may 29th.This time we were a total of 7 members Raja,mohan,raja shekar,chandra shekar,neeraj and two new members sunder and narasimha. Sunder is an mba aspirant preparing for cat 2010 and determined to make it into big league of IIMS and Narasimha is an Mtech graduate currently in job trials and learning some software courses.First we started with introducing ourselves to the new members and then Raja gave a complete introduction about TISA and its activities.After the intro raja explained about the bouncing technique,which we practised for 40mins or so in different languages(english, telugu) talking about our hobbies,interests,favourites etc.While practising the bouncing technique some of the members went off the track in the initial rounds but by the end we all got it right under the guidance of raja.At 7pm i left the group due to some urgent work, probably they would have practised the technique for 10 more minutes and departed. I never thought talking about my stuttering and meeting up with other stutterers would be this exciting,for the first time in my life I am very happy that I am doing something towards my stutter.Last but not the least I must appreciate Dr.sachin, Raja and all the TISA members for taking this intiative and providing a platform for us,where everyone of us can say unhesitatingly “YES I AM A STUTTERER”. (Ed. Yes- that is the spirit of TISA! If there is no shame and fear in being a Diabetic or Hypertensive, why should Stammering be seen in a different light? This change can be brought by PWS alone.)


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    very well said Mohan. i am really pleased to see people meeting up this way in my home-town 🙂

  2. mohan krosuri 9 years ago

    thank you glad to hear that you are from hyd(hyderabad rocks!!)…we shall keep you people updated on our meetups


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