Day 1 : Explorations and Expectations

Five of us met in SMTA. Had a lot of discussion, reminiscences, arguments. We watched some videos. Then, feeling hungry we ran off to Kumar’s – where everyone ordered using a bounce and eye contact. Very soon there was a change in the bearer- he was paying more attention as we talked. He was practicing “active listening skills”! A liberating experience indeed! We concluded with ice-cream. This nice sumptious lunch was credits to Mr Jasbir. He will be heading the Chandigarh chapter soon. Oh yes, he brought my Dell Mini too! (Pic above: L to R- Rajendra, Nitin, Jasbir, Sachin, Shalin.)


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  1. rahul 10 years ago

    "ALL THE BEST" everyone…………….
    have fun.

  2. admin 10 years ago

    Great news about a SHG in Chandigarh. Will be following your daily reports very keenly!

  3. admin 10 years ago

    Good luck guys, have a nice time!

  4. Vijay Kumar 10 years ago

    very good news. best of luck all of you

  5. nitin 10 years ago

    thnku jasbir sir for dat delicious lunch…..:)


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