3rd Communication WS: brief report so far

Here is a brief summary:

Day 1: Following themes were explored and discussed:

Cure- what do we mean by it? What does TISA approach means in practice: Accept stammering but not the poor communication- and how is it better than “cure”. What does it mean in practice? We watched & analyzed some videos in line with the above discussion- esp. those of Julia Irani, Kiran and Vimal.

Mr Jasbir from Chandigarh shared a lot of his therapy experiences: Everything works for a few days – but leaves you with a sense of struggle against yourself. A sense that you must not stammer no matter what- because it is a bad thing! But acceptance is a tough assignment in a society where stammering is considered distasteful and yet not fit to be discussed openly. What does it mean in practice?

In the morning we had covered role and technique of belly breathing and bouncing and for next two days we practiced bouncing under different situations- increasingly difficult situations.

Day 2: We discussed “prolongation” and practiced some speech exercises: story telling, the “spy language”, extempore presentations with video recording with subsequent review, analysis and feedback. We watched parts of unspeakable and discussed what voluntary stammering meant in practice and how it helped.

Day 3: Iceberg exercise leading to cataloguing of stuttering behaviour. Sharing of experiences verbally and in writing as a tool of emotional healing. Then, some fun role play to develop strategies for dealing with teasing, mocking etc. inally we concluded the day with “Front of the class” movie.

Day 4: Stuttering Interviews with Anugrah Staff in the morning; Nitin did a presentation soon after; Then, we went to the OPD waiting room, where everyone did more stuttering interviews. Concluded with a brief talk standing at the head of a large gathering. Then, we all went to say hello to Parmanand. On return to SMTA hostel, we met Pankaj, Vinay and Neha. Vinay is a CWS. We all took turns at singing songs. In the afternoon, we did a quick recap- followed by a case study and discussion on relationships and how these are affected by stammering- and what we can do about it.

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