Exit Interviews (EI)

At the end of the 5 day free communication workshop organized by TISA in Herbretpur (Dehradun), we conducted exit interviews with two participants. EI for us serve two purposes: Participants get another chance to ‘communicate under pressure’ and get the visual feedback. Facilitator gets the Chance to understand how much participants have understood and internalised.
For example in the first video, facilitator takes the role of “devil’s advocate” and suddenly shoots a provoking question: If I accept my stammer, wont it make my stammering permanent?!! (at 7:55 minutes in first Video). The participant is shaken a little bit- stops for a second to think- and then formulates his reply. In that one second, he looks quite thoughtful- and this is the moment when a superficial learning is actually sinking deep into his mind.
Another very important occasion to use EI is when you fire an employee: take him to canteen, order an ice-cream, sit back and let him rave and rant !! You will learn very valuable things about yourself and your organization- which will go down well with Ice cream, I guess. Dont forget to pay the bill though :-))


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