Promises are to be kept!

Pune SHG met at our regular meeting place and time. I am proud and happy to say that the SHG here is expanding and I can see the people are evolving with time. Thanks to one and all So…anyways.. the meeting was attended by old folks and quite a few new siblings namely Devang, Manpreet, Abhijit and Chris (From BSA). I am missing one name (my bad memory), Can someone include him? We got a little late in starting up the things but never mind. The first activity was meditation for 10 min to relax and calm ourselves After that we had a round of introductions in which we all also set and shared goals for ourselves for this particular meeting which varied from bouncing, maintaining eye contact, controlling facial movements to reduced rate of speech and focusing on thoughts while speaking. Everyone set one or multiple of these goals Then the next activity we had was word associations in which each person will say one word and the next person has to say a word associated to it. We had six rounds of word associations. In the first round person had to bounce six times, the next round five bounces and so on so forth. This also tested the imaginative factory of the mind where the words went from sky to oracle to hospitals which are not related directly in any way After this the next activity was two truths and one lie where the person had to say 3 sentences out of which one will be lie and the other people has to guess the false statement. Between the statements the person has to count from 1 to 10 so that there is no time pressure. There were some really nice hidden truths about the people which we did not know before. After this we had a discussion on carrying on emotional baggage which is, should we be carrying the emotional hurt we had in the past or should we just drop it and move forward in life. The discussion lasted for quite some time and there were really some touching incident from the people’s life. Also the thinking and the feeling the person went through when the incidents actually happened was in most cases same for all of us. Thanks Tisa for giving us a platform to know, meet and share our experiences with the people who have kind of same past as ours. Another thing which was takeaway of this activity was how to drop the emotional baggage. Some of the ideas worth mentioning here were writing those experiences down (blogs, personal diary etc.), talking to closed ones , creating the positive experience so that they superimpose the negative experiences of the past, meditating and seeing the things from a higher level . PWS can work with on one or multiple of these or find their own methods of doing it; the point is it should be done by this way or that way….. After that we all departed…thanks to all! PS: The title is not related to the post J


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  1. admin 10 years ago

    The missing name is Gaurish.

  2. admin 10 years ago

    Thanks Sujit for such a wonderful post and nice humor @ the end btw 🙂
    His name is Gaurish 🙂

  3. admin 10 years ago

    Thanks Sujit ….Nice post buddy …. 🙂


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