18th July, Herbertpur- Meeting friends

The other day I accompanied Muazzam to a grocery nearby. Big test! He had to enquire prices of a few items with a bounce and eye contact- exactly the way I did. Yes, you must do first what you ask others to do, in your SHG. Even in life. I could sense his excitement and old thought patterns rushing through his head at breakneck speed. But he held on and completed the assignment. Another child walked in and I encouraged them to get to know each other. After the assignment, I asked him how he felt. Most people report a sense of achievement- and relief. A small step towards accepting ourselves with our stammer.

Yesterday (18th July, Sunday), Muazzam, Pawan, Vineet, Aman, Nishu and myself got together at Anugrah. Played some games: 1. Giving & receiving compliments 2. Speaking loudly from the dias 3. Story telling with bounce . Then, we watched 3 brief videos and practiced some of the skills demonstrated therein. Yesterday was the first time when I had invited Muazzam to SHG meeting. I asked him how did it feel to meet five other PWS suddenly. He felt quite nice about it. A little surprised initially but upbeat thereafter.

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Post Author: Sachin