Singing stars..

This Sunday (25th July 2010)- a young child Siddharth came with his mother and aunt. Raju, another recovering PWS spoke to the child – practicing relaxed slow style, encouraging child to talk- at his own rate- while sachin counseled the mother and discussed “indirect” therapy with her. Family has a big role in such cases. Yes, this was a case of late onset (8 yrs) and it does not augur well for the child. But family and teachers can spell the difference between success and failure.
Then, Akash came with guitar and made us sing many songs. Vineet, Raju, Parmanand, Dayanand, Nishu and sachin- tested their range and throats (there is one patch, where we do sound horrible 🙁
We may not have cut an album but we had lot of fun. See below:

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  1. admin 10 years ago

    wow… great going. i will next time bring my harmonica and impress the members 😉

    good to see parents coming out in open and discuss such matters freely.

    thanks Sachin for the great work!


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