Story of My Commitment

I had told Harish in our SHG meet that I would like to accompany him to the toastmaster’s meeting. I wanted to learn about public speaking and I had learned from TISA blog that toastmaster’s is a club which aims at excelling in public speaking skills.

Here begins the story of my commitments. Commitments, which prevailed despite all hardships brought by Mother Nature, on that heavy rainy day, which Harish has encouraged me to write about.

During our SHG meet, Harish told me to prepare an introduction speech which I will have to deliver there. I began writing my speech on Sunday night itself after our SHG meet. I finished at around mid night that night… just before going to sleep.
Next day, as usual I did all my daily routine. After returning from college I started memorizing the speech. I completed the same that very night. The heavy rain was refusing to stop. It was becoming heavier with gusty winds, day after day.
Finally, it was the day to go to toastmasters club. The rain was only getting heavier. It was pouring from the heavens. The wheather was absolutely unfavorable. As the meeting was scheduled to start at 6:30pm so as usual, I went to college. I told Harish to wait for me near his office at around 5:40pm as my classes would get over at 5pm. Harish had also gone to work. As soon as my classes were over I quickly started my Activa, and sped as much as I could. But the rain wouldn’t give up. It decided to challenge me further. It grew a bit more aggressively heavier. The gusts of the winds were also in full support of the rain, in it’s battle to stop me.
“What should I do now?” A number of thoughts crossed my mind. The rain had slowed down my speed. But not my determination. Something from inside told me that I should move towards Harish’s office. Now, the visibility was almost zero. I went on; blinking my eyes and struggling to keep them open against the prodding water droplets.
Riding through the showers, I reached near the dock where I had to catch a ferry boat, to cross the other side of the river, on the way. As I was approaching near the dock, I saw that the ferry was just starting to leave. I sped towards the dock. But little did I know that even luck was on the other side of the battle. Just when I was about to reach the dock, the ferry had left the banks. I had missed it.
“What do I do now???????” I thought again. I was tempted to text a message to Harish that I couldn’t make it due to heavy rain. Should I do that and just get out of all this? I had committed that I’ll be at his office at 5:40. But I had missed the ferry. With mixed feelings, I got down from my bike and took shelter under a small shade. I started staring at the other side of the bank. To my delight, I saw another ferry boat coming towards the dock. I was relieved. Luck was not entirely on the other side after all!
As soon as the next ferry reached the dock, I zoomed my bike and parked it inside and straight away went on top, to the cabin of the ferry operator and told him that I am getting late for some urgent work. I was a regular commuter and the operator kind of knew me. So he understood and willingly agreed to start the ferry 5 minuites earlier across the other side. I thanked him, started my bike and as soon as the ferry touched the other side I picked up speed to make up for the lost time.
Riding through the narrow lanes I reached the highway. Riding a bike in such heavy rains with almost zero visibility, bad weather conditions and my speed getting high – I was almost inviting an accident.
My mind was still thinking. I started remembering GOD. That moment, I began to think, “What am I doing???? Where am I going???? Is this really important and worth a risk?????? Should I stop?????” But again, the inner voice told me that its my test. I should not give up. I should pass it. With this sole motive and with GOD’S GRACE I reached at Harish’s office, where I found him waiting for me.
He told me that I am on exact time. “Really?” I replied in amazement, as I was unable to gauge time at that moment. I then started narrating my journey from college to his office. He explained me like an elderly person not to take such risks next time as toastmaster’s is not beyond life. But I replied that it was my desire to stay true to my commitment that led me to do this.
It was 6:30pm we reached at the venue. I was about to give my first public speech (before this day, public speaking was a nightmare for me because of my stammer. I would bunk classes to avoid public speech or presentations). Before entering the hall, my old thoughts started haunting my mind like avoidance or running away. But I remembered the hardships which I had gone through today on my way here. This helped me at that moment to ‘face my fear’.
We entered the hall. The president of toastmasters welcomed the guest. Then she asked for our introduction. And guess what????? This time my heart beats didn’t beat fast. I was normal. I stood up and gave my intro (I did not stammer this time while saying my name).
Then the proceedings of club started. There was one person as toastmasters of the day, one timer, one grammarian, and some evaluators, etc. One of the toastmasters delivered her first speech that day. Then the table topic round started where a story telling session was held. Despite of all my fears associated with speech, I was seating in a public speaking club, and enjoying the activities there.
Then while leaving the venue, the president told me and Harish that we both had done very well. She said that Harish just missed being the table topic winner by ranking second (proud of you Harish). She even told us that she had a mentor in Kuwait who was also a PWS. I could feel the pride in her eyes as she said “He was my mentor, and stammering did not bother him”.
While on our way back, we both were satisfied by attending the toastmasters meet as we could learn lot of things, and in spite of unfavorable weather conditions. (While in the meet, one toastmaster even praised us for attending their meeting in spite of such heavy rains). I even overcome my fear of public speech and was satisfied for the day that even though I had to face a lot of hardships on my way, I had finally done it.
This experience has given me an opportunity to learn more things, face the fear, don’t give up during your hard times, and finally it has increased my faith in GOD. It has given me courage and self confidence.
Today as I write this post I feel confident that my determination and courage to take up a committed task will help me to overcome any problems in life.

– Rahul Raut Desai, Goa SHG

PS : Special thanks to Harish Usgaonker and Dr. Sachin Srivastava and The Indian Stammering Association for being part of my life. Because of my stammering I could see and live this day.
I would also like to praise Harish Usgaonker for his commitment and courage in attending toastmasters meeting and driving his car through those ugly weather conditions.

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  1. admin 9 years ago

    Well done mate…risk is the name of game!

  2. admin 9 years ago

    Well done mate…risk is the name of game!

  3. Sachin 9 years ago

    Great job, Rahul. Keep it up and dont look back. Challenging oneself is the secret of growth.

  4. admin 9 years ago

    Rahul, well done. BTW: how was your ice-breaker session? my few cents about the whole ToastMasters thing, don't let the passion and inclination die in you. Just go the distance and get hooked to it.

  5. rahul 9 years ago

    thanx evreybody for your advice.
    hey manohar, my entire meeting was a learning experience.
    and harish, thanx for editing my post and congrats for becoming editor of tisa's newsletter.

  6. admin 9 years ago

    very well written Rahul. You write really well…..I think that comes natural in some people ….and you are one of them. and ofcourse Harish and Sachin sir are already in that league ….. and I am way out of that …..No prblm …I'll focus on speaking rather than writing 🙂

  7. rahul raut dessai 9 years ago

    hey manpreet, i am also not a great writer………
    all credit goes to harish usgaonkar for editing my experience and putting some inspirational words….


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