TISA newsletter !!

TISA is planning to bring out a newsletter (pdf) by 10th August 2010. TISA will welcome any contribution from the readers, SHGs, IPWS, their family / friends. Poetry, Essay, Photograph – anything creative is welcome. Harish Usgaonkar has agreed to be the editor (sachin will be a guest editor for some time).
The idea is: not many people check our website/ blog frequently. Those who do, may have difficulty reaching out to what they are looking for. We will try to scan, scout and select articles / information with more enduring relevance, well written and offering an unusual take on life (not necessarily stammering). We would be looking out for “Creative expression”. But dont get put off by that phrase! Just write as it comes to you and share it with Harish at silentscream.21@gmail.com by 3rd August. We will certainly use it one way or the other.
We will be sending the newsletter by email. You are requested to forward it to your friends.

Post Author: Sachin