Surat SHG welcomes new members

Surat SHG welcomes two new members Vishal and Deepak. Both are young, almost at the end of their student life and started trying their luck both in terms of employment as well as marriage. Vishal got in touch via his non-PWS friend who did some web search for stammering for Vishal and furnished him my cell number. Vishal has a good ability to maintain eye contact and is not shy of his stammering. He wants to throw himself in more and more speaking situation, a rarity in most PWS who approach TISA for the first time. He also wants to accept his stammer in front of the world and has suggested that we do a radio programme on local FM station. I will be working on organizing it on one of local FM stations of Surat city. Deepak came in touch through TISA website and Sachin. He seems to have only articulation problem and finds it difficult to speak some particular letters. Since stammering is translated also as ‘tutlana’ he thinks that it is covered under TISA. I told him that TISA has a focus on stammering and I don’t think that he has fluency disorder like stammering. However at some point of time I think we need to have some basic information about other speech disorders like say cluttering on our blog so that this confusion can be avoided. In any case, I invited Deepak to meet other PWS from Surat group as many feelings like shame, embarrassment, fear of speaking are strikingly common despite lack of “blocks” in case of Deepak.

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  1. Sachin 10 years ago

    Congratulations – Vishal and Deepak, for taking the first step. Akash, you too. Wonderful! Whenever that FM radio program happens, see if you can get an audio recording; we can pout it on the blog, if participants wish so..
    Great job! Keep it up..

  2. rahul raut dessai 10 years ago

    welcome vishal and deepak in tisa family…………


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