Arjun Lal, the fraudster, the crook..

TISA has tried to share transparent objective information about stammering and its therapy. We have also tried to review and report about the claims “therapists” make. Some of the commercial “therapists/ experts” have been using web in very smart ways- to fool PWS and rob them. Tom Weidig (stutteringbrain) exposes one such Arjun Lal:

Good Girls Go to Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere). It is no different in the stuttering community. I might go to heaven (or hell) for my blogging activities, but Arjun Lal makes the $$$ and has a nice house with a swimming pool in a leafy area of Unionville (Ontario, Canada). According to my humble opinion, he is the crook, fraud, thief, and creator of the website Kill Your Stutter that promises a cure in ten minutes.

How do they (the tricksters) do it?

(He) posts 1-2 ads per DAY on various random sites, and which has zero documentation. The author hides in literally an unlimited number of sites, and presumably hits Google alerts daily by simply posting to the 1-2 new sites per day.

When I wrote a critical review of this website some time back, I received a very angry protest from some supporter! So guys, you decide, what would you have- Vipassana or a pdf file (and a DVD) from clever Arjun Lal, who lounges around his luxury swimming pool in Canada..?

Check these links to understand these behind the scene operations.


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  1. Anonymous 9 years ago

    Killyourstutter must go down.

    Organizations like the Stuttering Foundation Of America are just as evil with their promises of success with traditional therapy. Their therapist make the same promises – and much more money – under the veil of being SLT's.

    They need to be taken down too.

  2. admin 9 years ago

    thanks sachin for taking this up, lest these morons will take most PWS for a ride.

  3. admin 9 years ago

    The whole website looks like a scandal..By the way who are these people giving testimonials? Can we do something more than just writing a blog…any suggestions?


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