Siddharth, the wonder boy

Last Sunday, Siddharth came with his mother and aunt. We are quite friendly now. I dont ask him to control or suppress his stammer. I just ask him to look into my eyes while talking to me- and I smile encouragingly. I too throw in a couple of good stammer in every other sentence of mine. That day, I asked him to describe what happens when ‘that’ happens. Both I and Nishu were surprised (and touched) by his deep insights:
He pointed to his belly and said: “Something happens and sound does not start from here..”
Then, what do you do..
“I try to force it..”
Can you show me how?
And he tried to do it like a genuine block; he struggled for a few seconds, made funny faces and then – laughed out and said:
“Hota hi nahi..” (just cant do it- cant fake it..!)

He is talking about a lot more things – another child in his school who stammers etc etc. (Ofcourse when I met the teacher some months back- she said no one stammers in my class.. typical scenario)
I can see that he is able to talk and discuss things- something he so far did not do with his family. What is more encouraging, his mother and aunt come and sit – and learn.
Thanks to Anugrah for the meeting place.


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  1. admin 10 years ago

    nice, very nice. so glad to see such a positive change. this is the actual change we wish to see in the masses.

    thanks sachin!

  2. admin 10 years ago

    Thanks Sachin Sir.

  3. admin 10 years ago

    Sachin, I must say u r on fire..three posts!!! way to go sir.


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